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Application Deadline

For all applicants [U.S. citizens or international]: February 28

All application materials should arrive by February 28. Your application to Miami University's Graduate School should be submitted by February 18.

AIP Application Steps

1) Let us know you are applying. Fill out the brief AIP Pre-Application.


2) Complete your application to Miami’s Graduate School. Fill out the graduate application.


(Note: Select MAT in the Biological Sciences or MA in Biology - you will not see "Advanced Inquiry Program" or "AIP" listed on the Graduate School application. Click "Yes" that you are applying to a degree-seeking program. Transcripts are needed; GRE scores are NOT. Please note also that while it is not required that you submit your Social Security Number when you complete your Graduate School application, failure to do so can cause complications when you first login to myMiami, the library, or other systems and services on the Miami University website.)

The Graduate School application is due February 18.

3) Complete your AIP application. Follow the detailed instructions on this site to fill out your AIP application and submit requests for e-recommendations.


Before starting your application, please prepare the following:
- Your updated résumé or CV
- Email addresses of at least two people from whom you would like to request e-recommendations
- Your answers to these questions:
1. How have you translated professional opportunities, classes, or life experiences into your work? (250-word limit)
2. How do you think this experience will benefit your personal life, professional life and your community? (250-word limit)

*All applicants must be at least 18 years of age and hold a bachelor’s degree.

Acceptance to the Advanced Inquiry Program

Applicant screening will begin on February 28. Applicants will be notified about their recommendation for admission to the program by April 15.

Note: Your admittance to the Graduate School is not final until you receive the official letter from the Graduate School.


The Chicago Zoological Society--Brookfield Zoo

Agnes Kovacs
T: 708-688-8223

Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Garden

Dan Marsh
T: 513-559-7717

Mollie O'Neil
T: 513-559-7736

Cleveland Metropark Zoo

Katie Corr
T: 216-661-6500 ext.4470

Denver Zoo

Molly Maloy
T: 720-337-1640

Phoenix Zoo

Gabrielle Hebert
T: 602-286-3822

San Diego Zoo Global

Robin Keith
T: 760-747-8702, ext. 5764

Wildlife Conservation Society/Bronx Zoo

Joanna Cagan
T: 718-741-1683

Woodland Park Zoo

Katie Remine
T: 206-548-2581

Project Dragonfly, Miami University

Connie Malone
T: 513-529-5103